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Strengthening Vulnerability Management in Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS): THYTRONIC

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and cybersecurity, the collaboration between Security Pattern and THYTRONIC represents a strategic alliance to address critical business challenges related to vulnerability management and regulatory compliance.  


THYTRONIC Group is an Italian company with a worldwide presence that designs, manufactures, integrates and provides solutions for the protection, automation, control and monitoring of power grids. In nearly 60 years of activity and thanks to the acquisition of specialised company, Thytronic has gained  deep expertise and knowledge of electric power processes within a range of different customers like OEMs, EPC’s, and end users (transmission and distribution operators, industries with high energy requirements).

The skilled engineering department is able to study and implement a new, retrofit, and migration system into client solutions and troubleshoot any integration issues that may occur. From client requirements and specifications to basic and detailed design, manufacturing, and testing, up to performing commissioning on-site, THYTRONIC Group grants best-in-class operations to protect and control power grids.

Business Challenge

In order to keep security and functionality top-notch, managing software updates involved ensuring that all security patches were integrated seamlessly into their product line without causing disruptions, considering the diversity of their product range and the integration of various technologies.

Another significant challenge was maintaining the highest level of security across all devices while adhering to industry regulations and standards such as ISA/IEC 62443. This required a proactive approach to identifying potential vulnerabilities before they could be exploited. Moreover, ensuring that all team members were aligned and informed about the latest security protocols and updates was crucial for maintaining product integrity and customer trust.

For these reasons, the organization had to implement a strong vulnerability management process to keep its products secure by monitoring security vulnerabilities in hardware, third-party software, and proprietary software components.

Business Impact

Implementing Security Pattern's SUM platform at THYTRONIC yielded significant benefits:

SBOM Management

Security Pattern's SUM platform helps organization to create Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs), as well as keeping them maintained through automation. In addition, SUM’s exporting feature supports sharing of SBOMs within or outside the organization.

The SBOM produced by the SUM platform helped THYTRONIC to determine if their products were susceptible to security vulnerabilities identified in software and hardware components, whether those components were internally developed, or provided by third parties.

Improved Visibility and Control

THYTRONIC Group aimed to gain visibility into and control over the vulnerabilities and manage risks according to THYTRONIC 's specific use case and their product’s intended environment. With enhanced visibility, the customer could prioritize vulnerabilities based on their potential impact and exploitability, and could find available updates and patches more efficiently, ensuring that critical issues were addressed promptly. The ability to monitor and manage vulnerabilities effectively allowed THYTRONIC to innovate and expand their product line without compromising security. This strategic approach enabled THYTRONIC to maintain the trust of its customers by providing reliable and secure products.

Strengthen Product Security

SUM's proactive approach helps organizations fulfill regulatory requirements on vulnerability handling and supports robust device security, safeguarding against cybersecurity threats. This not only protects devices but also ensures compliance with industry standards, reducing the risk of legal and financial repercussions.

Cost reduction

Security Pattern's SUM platform helped THYTRONIC to use their resources more effectively and reduce maintenance costs. Thanks to platform automation, there is no need for an internal team to monitor or prioritize dozens of sources daily. Internal team effort can be focused on triaging and eventually addressing vulnerabilities.

Get Grip on Product Security with SUM

SUM is a vulnerability management platform for connected devices and systems. Built upon the principles of a strong vulnerability management process, SUM supports device manufacturer to identify, triage, address and report vulnerabilities.

Strengthen product security with the SUM platform throughout the IoT life cycle, covering development to maintenance: with an average life span of over 10 years, consistent vulnerability monitoring is paramount. The proactive approach allowed by SUM not only meets regulatory standards but also guarantees robust device security, safeguarding against cybersecurity threats.

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