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Security of embedded systems

Module duration: 4 hours

Module overview

In this module, we describe the main schemes to protect IoT devices against different types of attacks. We explain the technological solutions offered by the suppliers of SoCs to secure an IoT device. We provide an overview of the security primitives available in microcontrollers such as STM32 and ESP32, Bluetooth modules, microprocessors such as NXP i.MX and Microchip’s SAMA5D, and Secure Elements from NXP and Microchip.

Objective of this module

This module aims to review the different chip options used for building IoT devices, examine their security features, and discuss some of the discovered vulnerabilities. It also introduces secure elements, focusing on Microchip ATECC608 and NXP SE050.

What you will learn:


Notions about hardware for IoT


Secure Boot and trustZone concepts


What is a secure element and the description of an example

You will cover:

In this module, we explore the context of IoT hardware devices, focusing on their security features. In particular:

• Embedded devices landscape, from the security perspective
• Microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs)
• Modules with radio
• Secure Elements

This module is
intended for:

The module targets professionals that would like to explore the security features of hardware components in the IoT field, so when they work for example for companies that build these components, or need them in their production line.

Image by Joshua Sortino
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