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IoT Security Check-up


IoT Security Check-up is an essential service conceived by Security Pattern for security architecture review of IoT platforms.

The service, intended for IoT device manufacturers, quickly and effectively highlights the threat exposure level of an IoT platform and defines which countermeasures can be implemented to prevent cyberattacks.

Our team of Security Experts entirely performs the service: no automated tools or third-party products.

Why a deep analysis of your IoT platform?

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It shows the threats

 We'll provide you an overview of the system from the security point of view,  the list of possible threats to the systems and the threat mitigation strategies.

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It's fast

IoT Security Check-up of a common IoT infrastructure will take just 10 days.

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It's cost effective

Starting from € 3.900 you can have a complete IoT Security Check-up of your platform.

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