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Introduction to security and cryptography

Module duration: 4 hours

Module overview

An introduction to the basic concepts of information security is required to understand, evaluate, and deal with the context of cybersecurity. In this training module, we introduce the main properties of security and present the cryptographic tools that allow the creation of schemes for information protection. We also present the main authentication guidelines that users and devices need to follow.

Objective of this module

This module aims to provide a broad knowledge of the basic concepts of security and to introduce the participants to the basic notions of cryptography. It is advised that this module be taken in order to obtain and improve the tools needed for a better understanding of the other modules.

What you will learn:


Basic notion about security and cryptography


Which are the fundamental properties of security


Security-by-design notion


Principal cryptographic algorithms and their main usage

You will cover:

This module is an introduction to security and cryptography. It is divided into two parts, and the main arguments are listed below.

Introduction to Security

  • Definitions and applications inherent to the CIA triad
• Basic terminology, needful for a more detailed understanding of cybersecurity arguments
• Access control: identification, authorization, authentication
• Security vulnerability: CVE, CVSS, and CWE definitions

Introduction to cryptography

  • Symmetric and Asymmetric cryptography
• Hash functions
• Random Number generator
• Digital signature
• Attacks (algebraic, side channel, ...)
• Basic notions on Public Key Infrastructure

This module is
intended for:

This module is intended for professionals that need to broaden their knowledge about security and cryptography, when their work context requires it. We also recommend participating in this module to acquire all the basic tools needed to understand the others.

Image by Markus Spiske
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