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Overview on cybersecurity standards



Module duration: 4 hours

Module overview

This module gives an overview of the main initiatives in the field of IoT security. We focus on two categories: Government-driven initiatives, such as ETSI 303 645 for the UK, and market-driven initiatives in medical devices, industrial, and automotive fields. We discuss similarities and differences among these standards, taking ISA/IEC 62443 as a starting point for setting up a cybersecurity framework.

Objective of this module

The module aims to address security topics for industrial components leveraging the ISA/IEC 62443 and other standards. These standards are designed for network-connectable product development and relative security assessment. This module compares them, highlighting differences and similarities.

What you will learn:


How to apply security concepts to many contexts (e,g. industrial and medical contexts).


Some notions from ISA/IEC 62443 standard, and its parts relevant for component development.


An introduction about UL 2900 and ETSI 303 645.


A comparison among the presented standards.

You will cover:

This module focuses on standards in the field of IoT security. It follows the structure given by the national market demand.

• UK (ETSI 303 645) and US markets
• An overview of standards ISA/IEC 62443 and UL 2900 (and others)

This module is
intended for:

The module is targeted at professionals working for companies that deliver components (embedded devices, SW applications, hosts, network devices) used in IoT industrial contexts who wish to have a more extensive knowledge of IoT security standards.

Image by Nicolas Spehler
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