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IoT Secure Suite®


We have developed a comprehensive suite based on state-of-the-art technologies that bring strong security to IoT Systems:


State-of-the-art secure elements on the client side

Standard cryptographic protocols for communication channels and data encryption

Standard X.509-v3 certificates for mutual authentication

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Present-day IoT and Cloud and related threats

Interest in IoT is rapidly growing in many of today’s business sectors.

IoT devices have countless applications designed to simplify life, but as the number of connected devices grows, so do the attempts to compromise their security. As we connect more devices - an expected one trillion by 2035 - we must design enough protection to secure them against emerging threats.

We must ensure that our products do not risk an organization's assets and public and private infrastructure.

Given that the new opportunities, knowledge, and insights brought and enabled by the IoT are meant to benefit people and businesses, it's clear that the security of our connected devices and data streams cannot be just an afterthought.

Security must be embedded in every element and process, starting from the design phase.

Emerging Threats

We bring Strong Security to your IoT system

Our IoT Secure Suite® offers security solutions tailored to the true needs of each use case to extend the protection to as many smart and connected devices as possible.

With our IoT Secure Suite®, we provide our customers with access to a unique security process capable of building a secure IoT infrastructure, considering all relevant system components (Client Protection, Data Protection, Cloud Protection, Channel Protection).

The Key Ingredients of IoT Secure Suite®

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