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Security of IoT platforms and vertical application
Module duration: 4 hours

Module overview

Amazon and Google provide cloud platforms to create complex IoT systems. We analyze their security features and the main differences. Apple HomeKit is an Apple vertical example, which allows the control of home automation devices from iOS devices. Amazon Alexa is an application that manages the vocal assistant integrated into embedded systems. For its integration, Amazon sets specific security requirements.

Objective of this module

This module aims to describe and analyze the main IoT platforms currently in use. It allows one to acquire a general view of these platforms and absorb the concepts applied to specific examples.

What you will learn:


Description and general concepts of IoT platforms


MQTT communication protocol


Amazon AWS IoT, Amazon AVS, Google Iot Core and Apple HomeKit


Security requirements of Amazon AVS

You will cover:

This module focuses on the IoT platforms. After an overview and some general comments, the described platforms are:

• Amazon AWS IoT
• Amazon AVS, with its security requirements
• Google IoT Core
• Apple HomeKit

This module is
intended for:

This module is intended for professionals who would like to understand what is an IoT ecosystem, how it works, and how it collects and processes data.

Image by Nicolas J Leclercq
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