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Penetration Testing Training
Module duration: 4 hours

Module overview

Penetration testing is a manual activity performed by a security expert to evaluate the target security. The goal is to find previously unknown vulnerabilities, both in software and hardware. We present the main tasks covered during a penetration testing activity. Specifically, leveraging a vulnerable IoT device, we discuss the methodology and present several practical tools for analyzing a sample IoT device with an embedded Linux operating system.

Objective of this module

This module aims to guide the participant's step by step into the work of a penetration tester, presenting his goals and the tools he uses.

What you will learn:


What IoT penetration testing is


What a tester does, and which are the tools that he needs


The steps of a penetration testing's roadmap

You will cover:

In this module, the participants follow the work of a penetration tester, with all the questions asking themselves and the correct answers.

In particular, it covers:

• IoT penetration testing overview: its goals, how to perform a penetration test, and which is the output

• Practical hands-on demo: IoTGoat

This module is
intended for:

This module is intended for everyone who wants to understand how penetration testers work, which are the tools that he needs and the goals that he reaches. This can be also addressed to inexperienced testers that want to improve their working technique.

Image by Compare Fibre
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