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Security Pattern kicked off partnership with Toradex at Embedded World ‘24

In order to reach cybersecure connected products, the entire supply chain needs to act. Using secure HW can provide a strong base, and indeed most vulnerabilities are found in the OS and Application layer. 

With the SUM Platform, Security Pattern's SBOM and Vulnerability Management solution, vulnerabilities of connected devices can be managed effectively. At Embedded World ‘24 Security Pattern presented a demo of their SUM platform to highlight the importance of this topic.

‘Security Pattern is proud to have become a partner of Toradex, a leading specialist in embedded hardware and software.’

As a first result of the partnership, Security Pattern prepared the demo basing it on Toradex HW and a dummy application. The demo aimed to show the relevance of implementing secure HW as well as vulnerability monitoring of both hardware and software components of connected devices.

Security Pattern employees enthusiastically presented how the platform can effectively identify vulnerabilities. The platform also shows mitigation and remediation options, in this case on one specific vulnerability in the application, and it was demonstrated how this vulnerability can be fixed using the information presented.

Security Pattern strongly believes in partnering with other companies in order to reach their joint objective of making the world a more secure place.


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