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DEKRA and Security Pattern collaborate to provide end-to-end cybersecurity services

Enabling customers to evaluate the security of their devices and systems across all phases of their lifecycle.

Jan. 23, 2024. DEKRA and Security Pattern are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership to provide end-to-end cybersecurity services. This collaboration boosts #cybersecurity of connected devices and facilitates their access to international markets. 

This collaboration will elevate security of connected devices ecosystem by synergizing the expertise and capabilities of both companies to deliver end-to-end cybersecurity solutions to customers. Together, DEKRA and Security Pattern will assist customers to face security threats effectively, offering comprehensive services that span from the de early stages of development for devices and systems to the testing and certification processes that prove their security level and facilitate their access to international markets.

"We are delighted to partner with Security Pattern to enhance our cybersecurity capabilities and present our customers with a comprehensive suite of services. This collaboration aims to assist them in optimizing product readiness for emerging security challenges and evolving regulations”, Fernando E. Hardasmal, Executive Vice President and Head of Digital & Product Solutions at DEKRA.

Guido Bertoni, CEO of Security Pattern, added, "The partnership with DEKRA is a great opportunity to tackle the market with our cybersecurity services. The cooperation addresses all the phases, from design to certification. We are excited to start this journey”.

In this partnership, Security Pattern specializes in guiding customers through the initial phases of product development, analyzing every aspect of the device to identify the possible security threats they might be exposed to, and supporting and training them in defining countermeasures for each situation. On the other hand, DEKRA takes the lead in conducting tests on devices and certifying them according to cybersecurity market requirements, such as FIPS 140-3 or IEC 62443, among others, to verify they are ready to safeguard users from security risks.

"The collaboration between DEKRA and Security Pattern is a significant step forward in ensuring the highest level of security for businesses, governments and infrastructure. We will leverage our strengths and knowledge to develop innovative solutions that meet the ever-growing challenges of the digital landscape,” highlighted Rubén Lirio, Global Director of Cybersecurity Services at DEKRA.


DEKRA was originally founded in 1925 to ensure road safety through vehicle inspection. With a much wider scope today, DEKRA is the world’s largest independent non-listed expert organization in the testing, inspection, and certification sector. As a global provider of comprehensive services and solutions, we help our customers improve their safety, security, and sustainability outcomes. In 2022, DEKRA generated sales totaling nearly EUR 3.8 billion. The company currently employs almost 49,000 people who offer qualified and independent expert services in approximately 60 countries on five continents. With a platinum rating from EcoVadis, DEKRA is now in the top one percent of sustainable businesses ranked.

About Security Pattern

Security Pattern was founded in 2017 in Italy. Its core business is consultancy in the field of cybersecurity and the development of innovative security solutions for embedded systems. Customers are supported since the initial phase of the project with activities such as threat modeling, the definition of security requirements, the selection of building blocks, and the development of hardware and software components for ASIC, FPGA and microcontrollers. In order to maintain the security posture of electronic devices throughout the lifecycle, Security Pattern delivers an innovative service for the creation of SBOM and HBOM, the management of vulnerabilities, software supply chain and compliance with the increasing demands of standards and regulations.

The team of experts provides development methodologies for customers who need to demonstrate a ‘secure by design’ approach, such as in the cases of ISA/IEC 62443, ISO/IEC 81001, ISO/SAE 21434 or ISO 27001. Security Pattern is the first Italian cybersecurity company certified IEC 62443-4-1:2018.

Security Pattern also offers security-related services, such as code review and security testing for embedded devices, in which advanced attack techniques are used such as side-channel and fault injection attacks.


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