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Guido Bertoni received the IACR Test-of-Time Award!

The International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) Test-of-Time Award is given annually for each one of the three IACR general conferences (Asiacrypt, Crypto, and Eurocrypt).

An award is given at a conference for a paper which has had a lasting impact on the field and was published 15 years prior.

Security Pattern is proud to announce that Guido Bertoni, CEO Security Pattern, has received the IACR Test-of-Time Award from Eurocrypt 2008 On the Indifferentiability of the Sponge Construction, by Guido Bertoni, Joan Daemen, Michael Peeters, and Gilles Van Assche, for introducing the Sponge construction that is deployed in world-wide standards such as SHA-3 and ASCON.

"In this very particular moment my though goes to those that have made this research activity become a tangible result! Thanks to Gilles, Joan and Michael that have allowed me to be part of this incredible journey in cryptography. To the former colleagues and managers in STMicroelectronics that actively supported me. To the researchers that have contributed, improved and adopted cryptographic sponges and permutation based cryptography. We put a lot of passion and hard work in it, hoping to contribute in the advancement of cybersecurity." - Guido Bertoni, CEO Security Pattern

More information about the Test-of-Time Award can be found in the policy guidelines document and the nominations page.

About Security Pattern's Founders

Security Pattern’s founders Guido Bertoni and Filippo Melzani have extensive experience in the fields of cryptography and security for embedded systems. After working for STMicroelectronics for a combined time of 25 years, they started Security Pattern in 2017. Over the last years Security pattern has has been welcoming security experts and engineers to their team.

Security Pattern offers cybersecurity consultancy services and training. Their newest solution SUM, a vulnerability management platform, is widely adopted across many industries such as medical, automotive, consumer IoT and Industrial automation.


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