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Your Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

We help creators of smart and connected devices to design, implement, and operate their systems with a sustainable security level.

Our Services

Our Services

Thanks to our experience in cybersecurity for IoT, we created ad hoc solutions that can be applied to embedded devices in industries such as Automotive, Industrial, Medical, and Consumer IoT.

SBOM & Vulnerability Management

SUM is our comprehensive SBOM and vulnerability management platform for smart and connected devices.

Consultancy Services

Packaged and ad-hoc services design to offer efficient consulting on product security, processes and compliance.

Cybersecurity Trainings

Training modules to introduce your team to cybersecurity aspects or bring your professionals to the next level.

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Security is a process

No single component can address all security problems: security is a blend of HW, SW, and procedures designed and combined to ensure the highest level and resist future threats that are still unknown.

The object of our activity is the “system,” which can be either a single device, a piece of equipment composed of several interconnected devices, or an ecosystem that includes embedded devices, mobile apps, and the cloud.

With the term protection we mean mitigating the risk that threats materialise by exploiting vulnerabilities related to electronic systems. This is accomplished by protecting:

• The Firmware that is executed on the embedded systems;
• The communication between entities belonging to the system;
• Access to system functionalities;
• Keys that are needed for the operation of the system.


Your Benefits 



Each technical team member gained a pluriannual experience in the domains of security and crypto for microcontrollers, smartcards, automotive, wireless connectivity, ASIC and FPGA. 

We have 50+ years of combined experience in the Semiconductor industry.



We have supported numerous organisations to comply with requirements from standards such as IEC 62443 (Industrial), IEC 81001 (Medical), ISO/SAE 21434 (Automotive) and ETSI EN 303 645 (Consumer IoT).

Security Pattern obtained the Certificate of Conformity to IEC 62443-4-1:2018 in recognition of the alignment of the internal processes to the secure product development requirements mandated by the standard.


Continous Research

We are active participants in the cryptographic research community and we are part of standardization bodies such as Bluetooth, IEEE and various other consortia. We are authors of 50+ scientific papers and Guido Bertoni, our CEO, co-authors the NIST SHA-3 algorithm.


Customized Approach

We listen to the needs of technical people, managers, marketers, and customers, harmonize the various viewpoints and goals, and define effective action plans to achieve the shared objectives.

We offer pre-packed solutions as well as tailored services in order to fulfil organisation's specific needs.

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